Historic, traditional Bakery in Milan since 1930...

The Bollani bakery was born out of the passion and commitment of Emilio Bollani and his wife, Ambrogina Bianchi, who newly married in 1930, opened the first Bollani bakery at 15, Via Tibaldi. In the following years, while most fled Milan during the war, the young Baker and his family did not give way to fear and remained in the city despite the bombings, buying nine stores. After the war their investment paid off and Bollani managed to purchase a building plot at 22 Via Privata Tirso, where in 1950 they built a three-storey 'Palazza' building. This became the main residence of the family, Emilio, Ambrogina and their four children, and the new headquarters of the Bollani bakery industry.
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Tradition through the generations - 1960

In 1960 Bollani's second son, Giambattista Bollani, married Lole Matti, and they began their life together at the Via Tirso residence. He eventually took the reigns of his father's business and soon became manager of the bakery. In 1989 they bought another small bakery in Piazzale Baracca, which is a busy Bollani shop today, and the shop at piazzetta in via Tirso closed to become the main bakery where bread, pizzas, buns, sweets and all products are still produced today.

The story continues - 1992

Of the four sons of Giambattista, since 1992, Caesar has continued the family business with great devotion, with the task of distribution throughout Italy, providing bread, panettones and doves to bakers across Milan and beyond. As well as being traditional retail outlets at Piazzale Baracca 10, Via Ripamonti 108 and Via Ripamonti 150, they are also cafes and restaurants. His sisters Cinzia, Cristina and Carolina, and his wife Stefania, deal with the management of these premises. Maurizio, the trusted confectioner who came into the family in 1986, Mamma Lole and Dad Gianbattista, are all still contributing to the family business today.

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A future of passion and taste

Our story continues and grows from generation to generation with the same passion and dedication as ever. Soon the fourth generation will be ready to become a part of our family's long tradition and bring something new to our wonderful working history. The "Bollani" signature is a registered trademark and recognised in Milan as a historic quality workshop.

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